2022-2023 Child Development Programs Application **DO NOT FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION IF YOUR FAMILY IS RETURNING OR ALREADY ENROLLED IN PROGRAM. IT WILL NOT WORK, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AT 530-295-2270 FOR ASSISTANCE** Please make sure to fill out the application completely.
Please answer questions about education and employment status based on the date of the application.
Proof of Residency will be requested. If you are in temporary housing due to an economic hardship please answer "yes" to the question is your Family Experiencing Temporary Housing.
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For TANF, SSI, WIC or SNAP only answer "yes" if you are currently receiving those benefits. Proof of Income and copies of award letters will be requested. Birth Certificates for ALL children will be requested to verify family size.
If your child has an IEP or IFSP in place, please place the diagnosis in the notes section below.
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