Please fill out all fields, including gross income before taxes for the year. If one of your children has attended Head Start in the past or you receive a duplicate message, please call us at 616-453-4145 and we can complete the application with you over the phone. This means that you are already in our computer system, so we will need to complete it with you over the phone.
The Primary Adult is the Parent/Guardian who lives in the home.
Head Start defines "experiencing homelessness" as living in a shelter, motel, hotel, campground, vehicle, or in a residence that is not fixed, regular or adequate.
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Please include only if second parent/guardian lives in the home.
Please answer all questions in this section, and remember to list your total gross income for the year. Income can include any or all of the following: wages from a job, unemployment, Social Security, cash assistance (TANF), child support, or veteran's benefits. If you have no income at all, please put 0.
Please list the child that you are enrolling into Head Start. If you need a translator, please use the "Is there anything else you want to tell us about your child and/or family" question to indicate the language needed.
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I certify that this information is true. I understand that the information in this application will be held in strict confidence with the agency with the exception of other preschool programs for the purpose of coordination of services, and is accessible to me during normal business hours. Head Start for Kent County will not discriminate against any individual or group because of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, color, marital status, handicap or political beliefs. Thank you for completing the application for Head Start. A Head Start staff member will contact you by email with follow-up questions. Please respond to your email and the follow-up questions to continue processing your application.
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