**If you have completed an application before, please contact our office! You may only need to update your information and not complete a new application!! Please fill out the online application, and make sure you complete each field. Please note that your application will not be complete until we have received all required documentation. When submitting an application, we will need the following information to establish the requirements for enrollment: Age verification: (Copy of child’s Birth Certificate or proof of live birth); Proof of Income: (We need at least one of the following documents - Tax Forms, W2, 1040, etc., Past 2 months consecutive pay stubs, or Signed letter from Employer stating salary.) After enrollment, the following information is needed: Copy of Child’s most current Immunizations, Copy of Medical Card, Insurance Card, and/or CDIB card, Completed Well-Child Check or Physical Form, Dental Appointment, and Paperwork on Child’s Disability, if applicable. Need help with this application? If you need help getting any of this information or filling out the application, or if you have questions, please contact us at: 918-687-6611 Or visit us at: 301 N 6th St Muskogee, Oklahoma
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A secondary adult is a person living in the home who is legally and financially responsible for your child.

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