Thank you for your interest in the EWU Early Head Start program! Please complete one application for each applying child (age 0-3) or pregnant parent. *NOTE: If your family has been enrolled in EWU EHS before, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-776-9136 to apply again.
Complete this section for the parent/guardian that will be participating most frequently in EWU EHS home visits:
Please provide your family's living and mailing address. If your family is residing somewhere temporarily, enter the address of the location where your family stays overnight (e.g., at a friend's home, at a shelter).
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Complete this section for another parenting adult in your household:
Please complete this section for the applying child. *NOTE: If the child has not yet been born, please enter "Unborn" as the name of the child and "1/1/2024" as the birth date. This will help identify the applicant as a pregnant woman.
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