At this time we are only accepting online interest forms for children that are 0 to under 2 1/2 years of age. Older children will be referred to other agencies.
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DDI VANTAGE Early Head start services families in Murray and Granite school districts, Tooele city and Grantsville. Zip codes: 84044, 84128, 84120, 84119, 84118, 84123, 84115, 84106, 84109, 84124, 84117, 84107, and part of 84121. We can refer families to other agencies if they do not fall within our boundaries.

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Early Head Start is a no cost program for families that have a child under three years old or pregnant women. Families must meet the federal criteria for low-income. A pregnant woman is counted as two people when calculating the number in household. Extended family living in the home are not considered part of the family when calculating eligibility of family. Ten percent of the families enrolled in Early Head Start may have income that is over the Federal Criteria for low-income.
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