Parents or Guardians: Please complete as much information on this form as you can so that we can help you to apply for Head Start services for your child. If you have ever applied for or enrolled a child in Knoxville Head Start/Early Head Start anytime in the past, please call our office at 865-522-2193 to apply and Please Do Not submit this form on-line. ***Note: Your child's birthday must be after 8/15/2015 to be eligible to apply for our program. The completion of this form does not guarantee your child's enrollment in Head Start/Early Head Start. A Family Specialist will work with you to complete the process and determine your child's eligibility. (Para las personas que sólo hablan español. Si usted o su pareja NO hablan inglés, por favor comuníquese con el siguiente número: (865) 679-7192.)
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Please list as much information about your child, such as allergies (food, bee stings, etc.) disability services (IEP/IFSP), or anything else, that you feel we need to know about your child to help us give your child the best Head Start experience.
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