Dear parents: Please complete the first step of the online preschool application process for the 2020-2021 school year. Once we receive this online application, a preschool case manager will be assigned to your child's application file. This case manager will contact you to assist you in submitting the additional information and required documents to complete your child's application process and place your child on the waitlist for the 2020-2021 school year. Documents that will need to be submitted at a later time are the following: Proof of income for the last 12 months for all members in the household: 2019 1040 Income Taxes and last current pay stub(s)/LES for 2020, WFFA/TANF computerized printout; 12 months of Child Support computerized printout for all children in the home; SSI; SSDI, SSA, Retirement Benefits, Veteran's Benefits, Alimony, Unemployment, Disability, etc. All income information must be current. Immunization information Physical Exam (must be completed when child begins school), Certified copy of child's birth certificate, Proof of address (current electric or water bill) only one (1) is needed. Parent/Guardian Proof of Identity: State ID, Driver's License, and Military ID If you have any questions about information that needs to be submitted, please contact Sonya Jones at, to speak with someone in our application office. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS IF APPLICABLE: Foster Care/Kinship Care Documentation Legal Guardian/Custody Papers Parent School Schedule Disabilities/IEP/IFSp Documents
Please number (mother, father, or main guardian who is legal guardian of the child and who is financial reasonable for the child
In January of 2020, Congress authorized the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act to help people experiencing homelessness. The federal law includes the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Program that entitles children how lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence to a free, appropriate education and requires sc schools to remove barriers to their enrollment, attendance and success in school. The McKinney-Vento Program meets the needs of homeless students attending Onslow County Schools by addressing academic challenges and family issues affecting their success in school. Examples of living situations that may qualify include, but are not limited to: * Living with a friend, relative or other person/family because of a loss of housing * Staying in a motel or hotel because of a loss of housing or fleeing domestic violence * Living in an emergency shelter, transitional housing or domestic violence shelter * Living in a car, park or public place, abandoned building or bus station * Living temporarily in substandard housing * Living in a campground or an inadequate trailer home * Living in a runaway or homeless youth shelter, run away youth * Youth living on their own, even if their families want them to come home
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If applicable, Please list the secondary adult (mother, father or guardian) that is the legal guardian of the child and financially responsible for the child.
Provide information on the child you are applying for preschool services. Child must be 3 years old or 4 years old before August 30, 2020.
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Thank you for taking the time to complete our online application. Your application has been received. Once your application has been assigned to a case manager in our preschool office, you will be contacted per email, telephone call, or text message regarding additional information and for submitting required documents.
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