Welcome to Orange County Head Start's on-line Application. Our Orange County Head Start Program serves families and children from 3-5 years, in high quality early childhood development settings and provides an array of services that includes school readiness, health and nutrition, social and emotional development, mental health and family services. Thank you for your interest in applying for our Head Start services. Our Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment & Attendance Department can be reached at 407-836-7602, 407-836-6546 or main office 407-836-6590 Monday -Friday 8am-5pm. Our Head Start Program services are subject to eligibility and slot availability. Please complete all fields below, if you are having difficulty please contact us for assistance.
In this section the primary adult (biological parent/legal guardian) of the applying child(ren) should be listed.
Families applying for services must provide proof of residency no more than 30 days old, at the in-person interview or email documentation upon initial phone contact with Family Service Worker.
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In this section do not list a secondary adult in the home if they are not the biological parent/legal guardian to the applying child or married to the biological parent/legal guardian.

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Please complete all areas. Family means all persons living in the same household who are supported by the child's parent/guardian and are related to the child's parent/guardian by blood, marriage, or adoption; or are the child's authorized caregiver (court documented) or legally responsible party (court documented).
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Certification: I certify that this information is true. If any part is false, my participation in this agency's programs may end and I may be subject to legal action. I also understand that the information on this application will be kept strictly confidential within the agency and is accessible to me during normal business hours. Thank you for your interest in the Head Start Program. Click submit to finalize your request. We will contact you within the next 5 business days by phone to schedule an intake appointment. If you are not contacted within 5-10 business days, please contact us at 407-836-6590.
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