Please complete the following application for the Mobile Community Action, Inc. Head Start/Early Head Start Program, serving the pre-school needs of families with children 6 weeks (EHS) to 4 years old in Mobile and Washington Counties. The system gives you the chance to choose two sites. Please choose ONLY 1 option for the site you would like for your child to attend. Your application will only be considered for your 1st preference if you choose two different. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS NEED TO BE SUBMITTED AT THE CENTER FOR THE APPLICATION PROCESS TO BE COMPLETE!!!
The Primary Adult has to be the natural parent or legal guardian of the child that is applying for the program.
Please provide the address where your family currently resides.
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The secondary adult should be the second legal parent or guardian of the child applying for the program AND living in the same home.

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Please complete this information for the child that you are applying for.
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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE SUBMITTED AT THE CENTER BEFORE YOUR APPLICATION IS COMPLETE!!! You will be receiving an email with instructions for your application to be COMPLETED. Please click on submit to finalize your application. You will be directed to our agency website. Download, print, and complete the Head Start Application Attachments. YOUR CHILD'S APPLICATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION IS TURNED IN TO THE CENTER. You need to call the center that you applied for to make an appointment to turn in documentation. Thank you for your interest in the Mobile Community Action Head Start and Early Head Start Program.
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