Please fill out this form to apply for the Early Head Start program. After completing the application you will be directed to a scheduling page to schedule your 15 minute Eligibility meeting to complete the application process. ***If your child is older than 3 years of age(age 3-5), they will not qualify for our program, please apply for Early Learning Essentials Head Start by going to their website at:

Please fill out this section with the information of the Primary adult. Fill out as much of the information as possible including; 1. Your relationship to the applicant 2. If you have custody of the applicant 3. If you live with the applicant 4. If you provide financially for the applicant
The Kids On The Move Early Head Start Program serves Utah County residents. You will be asked about your housing situation later in the application process.
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This section covers the information for the second parent -or- if there is another guardian who is: 1. Related to the child you're applying for through blood, marriage, or adoption. and 2. Supported by the income and 3. Resides in the home

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Please refer to the following when answering questions in this section: Number in Household = Number of people living in your home Number in Family = Number of people actually supported by your income, and related to applicant by blood, marriage, and/or adoption Gross Actual Income = You can estimate here, however, proof of actual income will be required before acceptance to the program.
Please completely fill out the following information for the child you are applying for.
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Thank you for your interest in our program. Please continue on to schedule a 15 minute appointment with the Enrollment manager to complete your application. You will be required to bring proof of income, proof of age, and current immunizations and well child exams for you child to this meeting. Please feel free to call Barbara Quintana if you have any question at 801-709-0244 or 801-221-9930 ext 153 or by email
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