GENERAL INFORMATION: 1. We must be able to reach you in order to enroll your child. **If you move or change your phone number after completing this application it is your responsibility to notify Head Start.** 2. You must provide proof of your child’s date of birth with one of the following types of documents: Birth Certificate, hospital documentation, etc. (You do not need to provide a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to be eligible for Head Start.) INCOME/CATEGORICAL ELIGIBILITY: 1. If your family is a current recipient of TANF benefits and/or is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or is providing foster care for the child you are applying for, you automatically qualify for Head Start. **You do not need to provide proof of income, but you must provide documentation that your family is currently receiving TANF, SSI or providing care for a foster child. 3. If you are currently homeless, you are automatically eligible for Head Start and do not need to provide documentation of income, but must sign our Homelessness Verification Form. **Applications are considered INCOMPLETE if the above required documents & verifications for children and families are not provided to program staff.**
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For your child to considered for enrollment, we must have the following documents: * Birth Certificate * Immunization Record * Income Verification These documents can be turned in to our main office at 4935 South Union Avenue Tulsa, OK 74107 or sent by fax to 918-446-6003. Any questions, please call 918-446-7939 Option 1.
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