The following is a Pre-Application for Kosciusko County Head Start/ Early Head Start. Completing this Pre-Application does not mean that your child is automatically enrolled in the Head Start or Early Head Start Program.
Please answer the following questions about education and employment based on the date of the application.
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Only complete this section if the Secondary Adult is currently living in the home and related by blood, marriage, or adoption.

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I understand that this is only the application for Kosciusko County Head Start/EHS and this document does not guarantee enrollment in the program. I also understand that I must keep Head Start/EHS informed of any changes of address and phone number. For Head Start: I understand I will need to provide transportation to and from the Head Start classroom if my child is enrolled into the program. I certify that the information stated on the application is true and I have provided Head Start/EHS with all the facts necessary to allow the determination of eligibility. If any part is false, my participation in this program may be terminated. I also understand that the information in this application will be kept confidential within the program.
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