Welcome to Chesterfield-Marlboro EOC Head Start!!! We are delighted that you are partnering with Head Start to provide your child(ren)'s Pre-School educational experience. Here at Head Start your child(ren) will shine brightly in our classrooms. It will be a year of magical wonder and amazing growth for your entire family. C-M EOC Head Start requires an e-mail address for each participating family. There are many free choices such as g-mail and yahoo (A Head Start Staff will gladly assist you if needed); Please complete the application; After entering all required information, click "I am not a robot: and lastly submit your application.
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6/23/2020 1:33 PM Ernestine Melton Thank you for submitting your enrollment application. What happens next? 1. One of our Family Service Coordinators will receive your submission and follow up with you. 2. Please provide needed documentation. 3. Please make sure you keep your interview appointment. Federal regulations require an interview (C-M EOC will do this at the time of our Parent Conferences). Applicants are responsible to keep us updated if your contact information changes/ we also rely on you to respond to our efforts to reach you. completing the enrollment application does not guarantee eligibility or enrollment into our programs. Enrollment is based on slot availability and filled according to the greatest need.
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