Be sure to SELECT the CORRECT program. You only need to enter one location choice. Do not list the same center as your second choice. Only a few parents may want to list a second choice such as when you live in one city and work in a different city and both have Head Start centers. There are two Head Start programs listed with one for only Benton County and the other 13 ICS counties on the second Head Start choice. There are two Early Head Start (E.H.S.) programs with one being for our original grant and the other for an expansion grant allowing ICS to enroll more children in E.H.S. Look for the location/center you want in the drop down list, and if you do not see it look on the list for the other program. Completing this information is STARTING the application process. More paperwork will need to be completed at the center. Keep telephone number current. Keep email current. If you have previously completed an online application for enrollment, you will need to contact your local head start center to add any additional participants. Children applying for Head Start are pre-schoolers, age 4, age 3 by SEPTEMBER 1st, or possibly age 5. Head Start is at all ICS centers and in all fourteen ICS MS counties. Read more about Head Start below. If you are wanting to apply for a Blended partnership program that ICS operates jointly with local public schools or a few private daycare centers, go to that school or organization and apply through it. Online applications are for ICS Center applications as a recruitment support and initiative. Children applying for Early Head Start are infants or toddlers. This program is called E H S. Early Head Start is not at all ICS centers or counties. Read more about Early Head Start below. Early Head Start also services a limited number of Pregnant Women. Apply through Early Head Start and not the online system at this time. HEAD START- PRE-SCHOOL: When applying for an upcoming school year in the Spring or Summer the child must turn three years of age by the state school cut-off date which is September 1 of each year. Once your child reaches age three during a school year you may start the online application especially if the child is currently enrolled in ICS Early Head Start or has a diagnosed disability. The ICS Head Start program serves over 3000 children in MS. The child must live in MS, preferably in an ICS County. ICS serves Benton, Clay, DeSoto, Grenada, Lafayette, Lowndes, Marshall, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Panola, Quitman, Tallahatchie, Tate and Tunica counties. Selection is based on need such as poverty, public assistance, child with disabilities, or child/family is experiencing homelessness. Spaces are limited. Head Start and Early Head Start are anti-poverty programs so that is why income must be verified. Early Head Start (E H S) is a program for infants, toddlers and Pregnant Women currently serving 252. Early Head Start currently is in DeSoto (Hernando), Grenada, Lafayette, Lowndes, Marshall (Byhalia and Holly Springs), Noxubee, Panola (Crenshaw),Tallahatchie and Tate counties but not at every center is those counties. Early Head Start Expansion program serving 96 is currently in Benton, Clay, DeSoto (Southaven - ICS Brown), Marshall (Holly Springs), Panola (Batesville), Oktibbeha, and Tunica.
Please chose the center closest to where your child lives. The child must be a MS child. Contact your local Head Start Center Family Services if you are unsure of the center to select. For Blended partner location please apply directly with the school or day care location.
Please list a telephone number and an email address. You may be sent text messages. If your child is selected/accepted (you will get a notice) be sure to sign-up for Remind 101 to receive messages from the center.
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Please list a telephone number and an email address.

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Thank you for your interest in Head Start or Early Head Start. An ICS employee will be contacting you to make further arrangements so you can FINISH the APPLICATION PROCESS. ICS will need to verify annual family income, child's name and birth date, obtain MS 121 Immunization Record or a copy of it, and health insurance information. For most of the summer our local centers are closed and Central Office open Monday - Thursday. When centers are open please ask for Family Services if you are calling the local center. Center locations and addresses/phone numbers are on the ICS web-site which is
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