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Secondary Adult is another adult who lives with you and is related to the applicant child by blood, marriage or adoption. Examples: parent, step-parent.

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Thank you for your interest in WHSCDA. Please click submit to finalize your application. Your child's name and date of birth may be shared with the Woonsocket Education Department for the purpose of program planning including transition into and from the program. We will contact you shortly for an intake appointment. Please note: applications received do not guarantee enrollment. We make every effort to protect your privacy and want you to be aware that email scams are ramping up. What you can do: Use Secure Systems: Only send personal information through our secure systems, such as ChildPlus, DocuSign, and our Fax numbers. Beware of Email Requests: If you receive an email requesting personal information from a staff member, do not send it. Our staff are instructed not to ask for such information via email. Report Suspicious Emails: If you receive a suspicious email from a staff member, please contact us immediately via phone.
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