Spotsylvania County Public Schools offers preschool to four year old children who reside in Spotsylvania County through grant funded programs for Head Start and Virginia Preschool Initiative. Children must be four years old by September 30th of each academic year and meet eligibility criteria to be considered for selection. Submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment. Selection is based on need, not date of application submission. * Please gather the following required documents to submit once contacted by a Family Service Worker: * Parent/Guardian Identification * Original Birth Certificate * Custody or Foster Care Documents (if applicable) * Income verification * Any additional income sources * IEP (if applicable) * TWO Residency Verification documents. You will receive a confirmation email following the submission of your application. APPLICATIONS ARE INCOMPLETE UNTIL ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS ARE RECEIVED
Please complete Parent/Guardian information for the person who serves as primary point of contact for the applicant child.
If you are living in a hotel, shelter or with other adults due to economic hardship, please mark YES for experiencing homelessness. You will be contacted for further information.
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Please complete Additional Parent/Guardian information for another adult related to the applicant child as a biological parent or married step-parent or guardian. Biological parents not living in the home must also be included if listed on the birth certificate.

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Gross Annual Income is total income before deductions. This may be found as "Total Income" on your tax return or annualized from an average from 3 recent pay stubs. Include income from any of the following sources: Current Employment, TANF, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Retirement, Disability, Unemployment (without stimulus payment), Child Support, Alimony, Veteran’s Benefits, Scholarships/Grants, Rental Income, or Work for Cash.
Name must match Birth Certificate exactly. If your child requires transportation to and from an address different from your home address, please indicate the address in the section titled "Is there anything else you want to tell us about your child?" Please also use this section to indicate if any of the following situations apply to your family: applicant child has a disability with an IEP, hardship from the pandemic, incarcerated parent/guardian, military deployed parent, pregnant mother, or if you are experiencing any kind of unhealthy living situation.
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Once the online application is submitted, a Family Service Worker will contact you for the supporting documents. * Drop off COPIES ONLY to the Center for Family and Preschool Services located at 7409 Brock Rd, Spotsylvania, VA 22553* Selections begin in May and are continuous until the program is full. Applications are accepted for the entire enrollment year to maintain a waiting list. Families selected for the program will be contacted by a family service worker by phone or email to complete enrollment. Please ensure contact information is current so we may reach you. Families not selected for the program will be placed on a waiting list after the first day of school for vacancy considerations throughout the enrollment year. Questions may be directed to
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