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WHAT YOU WILL NEED WITH YOUR HEAD START APPLICATION 1. Your tax forms, or W2 forms, or check stubs from the past 12 months, or a letter from your employer stating gross wages for the past 12 months and Proof of TANF, SSI, Child Support or any school-related grants, if you receive them. 2. Your child’s immunization record, even if it’s not complete. 3. Your child’s birth certificate. Your child’s medical, dental and immunization records can be FAXED to 406-723-5620. You will also be asked for: • Any custody papers/parenting plan regarding your child. • Name, address and phone number of child care provider. • Name, address and phone number of your emergency and release-to-contacts. • A copy of your child’s IEP (Plan for services in school) or IFSP (Plan for services with Family Outreach), if he/she receives services.
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Parents, In the note section under "Is there anything else you want to tell us about your child?" Please notify us about the following: I consent to pictures and videos being taken of my child at Head Start to be used in newspapers, brochures, TV and bulletin boards for public relations (Photos and identification tags are necessary for education and safety purposes). Is your son or daughter potty trained? Does your child receive speech and language services? Is your child receiving any mental health services? Transportation is not a requirement or available in all locations. If available, will you be needing bus services for your child? Living Address or Day Care. Thank you for your interest in the Action Inc. Head Start Program. By clicking the button below you certify that the information your have provided is complete and accurate. We will contact you to set up an intake appointment.
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