Welcome to Washington County Head Start. Please complete the following application. If you already have an application on file please contact our Central office at (479) 313-7925 or (479) 927-1141. Bienvenido a Head Start del condado de Washington. Complete la siguiente solicitud. Si ya tiene una solicitud archivada, comuníquese con nuestra oficina central al (479) 313-7925 o (479) 927-1141.
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The following documents are needed to complete your child's application. • Birth Certificate or Proof of Birth • Up to date Immunization Record • Divorce Decree/Custody Documentation • Proof of Income for the previous tax year such as 2020 1040 tax forms for parent(s)/legal guardian(s). (This includes Child Support, Supplemental Security Income, TEA, and Student Financial Aid) Please contact our Central Office regarding your child's application at (479) 313-7925 or (479) 927-1141.
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