WACOG Head Start is a child and family development program that provides a comprehensive early education curriculum that individualizes developmentally appropriate teaching services for young children, ages 0-4, and ensures children are ready for school, families are ready to support their children’s learning and schools are ready for children as they complete Head Start and prepare to enter Kindergarten.

Family engagement and community services are the underlying strengths of WACOG Head Start--strong and involved families equal strong and healthy children eager and ready to learn! Family Engagement Services encourage parent involvement in program decision-making opportunities, stresses the importance of parental engagement in their child’s education, link families to needed resources or training opportunities and emergency assistance if necessary. We provide an array of no-cost services for eligible, low-income families such as Child Health & Nutrition Services which ensure medical, dental, nutritional and developmental concerns are identified for all children and follow-up assistance is provided; and Disabilities Services which ensure at least 10% of Head Start enrollment opportunities are available to children with diagnosed disabilities and that all children are educated in an integrated, developmentally appropriate setting.

NOTE: If you or your family has ever applied for Head Start previously, please visit our main office or a Head Start center to submit or update your application.

Please fill out this section as completely as you can. Any income based information will need to be corroborated by relevant documentation; e.g. W2, pay stubs, or award letters.
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Child’s Certified Birth Certificate or other documentation to establish child's date of birth if possible
Immunization Record (must have all possible vaccines within 2 weeks of starting class)
Guardianship Documentation (if applicable)
Current Diagnosis of Disability- IEP/IFSP (if applicable)
If possible, please also provide a copy of current physical and dental exams for your child.



Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Current TANF Grant Award Letter
Current SNAP Grant Award Letter
W-2 Statement -Pension/Retirement Income
Foster Care Documents (if applicable)
Pay Stubs or Pay Envelope -Social Security Benefits Income
Employer Letter
Scholarships, Pell Grants & Student Loans
Net Rental Income
Unemployment Benefits
General Emergency Assistance
Worker’s Compensation
Veterans’ Benefits
Alimony and Child Support

Application Does Not Guarantee Program Enrollment

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