EARLY HEAD START & HEAD START PRE-APPLICATION - Early childhood education services for expectant women and children under age 5 and their families
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Thank you for your application for Early Head Start and Head Start services. A staff member will contact you to schedule an eligibility appointment. You will now be directed to another web page to upload copies of the following documents:

o Proof of address (2 documents) (Mortgage, lease, rental agreement, or recent utility bill within 30 days(water, power, natural gas, cable, internet ); if proof of residence is not the legal parent/guardian name, additional paperwork is required)
o Proof of income for previous 12 months (W2’s; Form 1040; paycheck stubs; documentation of public benefits-Supplemental Security Income (SSI), TANF, Foster Parent Payments; unemployment compensation, military pay; child support; scholarships; etc.)
o Proof of birth or pregnancy (Certified Birth Certificate, proof of pregnancy)
o Parent’s photo ID
o Proof of Guardianship (if child is adopted, in foster care, or living with someone other than a birth parent)
o Copy of the child’s Social Security Card or Waiver (A parent or guardian who objects to the incorporation of the social security number into the school records of a child may have the requirement waived by signing a statement objecting to the requirement. – O.C.G.A 20-2-150).

If you have any questions about your application, please contact Marsha Hawkins at ehs-hsregistration@clarke.k12.ga.us .

Disclaimer: The Early Head Start and Head Start programs are grant funded. Services are contingent upon the Clarke County School District receiving sufficient grant funds and cannot be guaranteed. Services are not guaranteed for all applicants due to limited enrollment capacity. No fees are charged for Early Head Start and Head Start services.

By submitting your pre-application you are certifying that all of the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge. If any part is false, my participation in the Early Head Start/Head Start program may be terminated and I may be subject to legal action.

The information you have provided will be held in strict confidence within the school district and is accessible to you during normal business hours upon written request in accordance with Board of Education Policy JR, Student Records.
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