Thank you for your interest in Early Childhood Programs. ATTENTION: If you receive the following message when you try to submit a pre-application: "It appears that you have previously submitted an application. If you wish to apply again, please contact us by phone or in person." This just simply means that your email is already in our database. You may either use a different email or email Alexis Russell at
In this section the primary adult (biological parent/legal guardian) of the applying child (ren) should be listed.
Families applying for services must provide proof of residency at the in-person interview.
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In this section do not list a secondary adult in the home if they are not the biological parent/legal guardian of the applying child. Only list the second adult in the home if they are the biological parent/legal guardian to the applying child or married to the biological parent/legal guardian.
Please complete all areas. Family means all persons living in the same household who are supported by the child’s parent/guardian and are related to the child’s parent/guardian by blood, marriage, or adoption; or are the child’s authorized caregiver or legally responsible party. If there are other people living in the household that are not supported by the child's legal parent/guardian then they are included in the "household" number and not in the "family" number.
Please answer all questions for the applying child.
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Thank you for completing the online Pre-Application. The primary adult will receive an email confirming the online Pre-Application. Please check your SPAM/JUNK mailbox. An in-person interview (phone interviews when the District is social distancing) is required in order to complete the application process.
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