Your application is not complete until you have filled out both sections. The general family information and the Selection Criteria. Not finishing the Selection Criteria MAY LEAD TO A DELAY IN PROCESSING your application. Program Requirements: Must provide proof of residency of Stafford County, proof of income, original birth certificate, immunization records, school physical and dental examination.
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Email your W-2, 1040 Tax Form, TANF, SNAP, 3 paycheck stubs, Court Payments, Child Support, Letter from employer/Inkind statement, Disability/Social Security, or other documentation to The above information is true to the best of my knowledge. If any part is false, my participation in this agency’s program may be terminated.
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PLEASE FILL OUT EVERY QUESTION FULLY; BLANKS MAY LEAD TO A DELAY IN PROCESSING. PROOF OF INCOME IS REQUIRED BEFORE THE APPLICATION CAN BE PROCESSED. Please take a picture with your phone of the first two pages of your 1040 (most recent Tax Return) and email to Fill out the Selection Criteria page at For more information or for help filling out this application, call the Head Start Office at (540) 368-2559, or Fax (540) 368-1978. The Stafford County School Board does not unlawfully discriminate against any person on the basis of: race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation or disability. Inquiries regarding non-discrimination should be directed to the Executive Director of Human Resources, Stafford County Public Schools, 31 Stafford Ave., Stafford, Virginia 22554, Phone (540)658-6560, FAX: (540)658-5950. Head Start does serve children with disabilities, with income eligible children taking priority. Reasonable accommodations upon request. Completing an application for the program does NOT guarantee enrollment.
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