Thank you for your interest in Fairbanks Native Association Head Start 0-5 Program! By taking this step, you are putting your baby’s best foot forward in life.

Our 0-5 Head Start Program serves pregnant women and children up to age five (5). Because so much important growth and development happens in this stage of a child’s life, Head Start is here to help you learn how to be the best parent you can be! The tools you and your child will gain from your participation in Head Start will benefit you both as you grow and learn together.

Enrollment into Fairbanks Native Association 0-5 Head Start Program is ongoing, but eligibility depends on; income level, parental status and family considerations. Please submit completed application with the following documents:

  • Proof of Income, Public Assistance documents or Foster Care documentation
  • Proof of Age (Hospital letter or birth certificate)
  • Proof of Tribal Enrollment (If applicable)
  • IFSP / IEP or Health Plan (If applicable)
Please answer questions about education, employment and income based on the date of the application. For teen parents, only enter "Yes" if 19 years of younger on the date of application.
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Only complete this section if the Secondary Adult is currently living in the home, being supported by the same income and related blood marriage or adoption.
For ASAP, TANF, SSI, WIC or SNAP only answer "Yes" if you are currently receiving those benefits. Eligibility letters or government issued documentation will be requested.
If your child has an IFSP or IEP in place, please place the diagnosis along with services begin and end dates in the notes section below.
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