Now accepting applications for the 24-25 program year. Get a Head start on enrolling here! If you receive SNAP food benefits you are eligible for Head Start services.. Upload a copy of your benefit letter under attachments. If you are a returning family, enrolling your child for a second year, or enrolling a new age-eligible sibling: You are already in our system. There is no need to enter additional information. Call your site and they can give you a link to upload any new documents into our system. Someone will contact you to complete your child's enrollment application.
Enter information for the primary care giver, who is the parent/legal guardian that lives with the child.
Enter the current address for the primary care giver, who is the parent / guardian that lives with the child. If your family is currently homeless, use the address where you are currently living.
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Enter the information of a secondary care giver, who is the parent/legal guardian and lives with the child and is related to them by blood, marriage or adoption. List all other adults as "other household members".

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Enter the number in the family based on those persons who are related to the child by blood, marriage, guardianship or adoption and provide financial support. Do not include extended family members unless you claim them as dependents on your taxes.
Enter information about the child enrolling for Early Head Start/Head Start. If you are a pregnant mom and are interested in services through our program complete the applicant information using your name.

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Thank you for applying for The Guidance Center Head Start services. Once you submit your on-line application someone from the site and program you prefer, someone will contact you to complete the registration process.
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