Thank you for your interest in Bear River Head Start Programs. This application form is for NEW families. If you have had a child in our Head Start Program in the past or you have applied in previous years, please call the ERSEA office at 435-755-0081 Ext 321 or Ext 322. *Please fill out the application completely. *Make sure to use correct spelling of names as shown on official documents. *The more information we have the quicker your application process will be.
***Please provide a phone number that is able to receive text messages and/or an email address.***
Experiencing Homelessness Question: Please mark YES if any of the following apply to your family situation. *Do you currently share a residence? *Live in a shelter, motel/hotel, car, park, or campground? * Is your living arrangement temporary? * Are any of these due to loss of housing or inability to afford housing?
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