Dear parents: Please complete the first step of the online Economic Improvement Council Early Head Start Program preschool application process for the 2024-2025 school year. A staff member will contact you to assist you in submitting any additional required documents to complete your child's application. • Documents that will need to be submitted are the following: Proof of income for the last 12 months or last calendar year for all members in the household: 2023 Income Taxes or W2 form, or last current pay stub(s)/LES for 2023, • WFFA/TANF letter. • 12 months of Child Support computerized printout for all children in the home. • SSI; SSDI, SSA, Retirement Benefits, Veteran's Benefits, Alimony, • Unemployment, Disability, etc. All income information must be for the last 12 months or last calendar year. Immunization information (must be completed when child begins school). Certified copy of child's birth certificate, or other proof of age if certified birth certificate is not available. If you have any questions about information that needs to be submitted, please contact Vanessa Jackson at or Dr. Landon Mason at to speak with someone in our application office.
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