Welcome to applying for preschool in Pender County. We have 3 private NC Pre-K sites (must be 4 on or before August 31st) and 6 public schools sites which are Head Start and NC Pre-K (must be 3 or 4 on or before August 31st). Completing this application does not constitute enrollment; this is just the first step to applying to see if you qualify for Head Start and/or NC Pre-K.
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Please complete the following on the preschool age child. ***In the box: Is there anything else you want to tell us about your child? (Before the school location preferences) PLEASE RESPOND IF: 1. Need transportation to and from school (bus) 2. After School Care 3. Health Issues (asthma, diabetes, allergies to food, insects or anything else, or any other health issues)
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All additional documentation must be submitted to the preschool administration office at 210 East Fremont Street in Burgaw or uploaded to the link emailed to you after submitting the application to finalize it. These documents include: Proof of Pender County Residence (a bill or document linked to the home such as--utility bill, mortgage, lease, tax record), parent/guardian identification, 12 months worth of Income Verification (such as: 2022 December paycheck stub, 2022 taxes, W2s, SSI printout, child support print out, year-to-date pay stubs), Child's birth certificate, Child's shot record, child's health insurance information. If you have any questions please call our office at 910-259-7603 Click "submit" to send your application to the preschool office.
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