If you have applied for BHK services in the past (for the enrolling child or their sibling(s)), if you are a current or previous BHK employee, or, are applying as a pregnant mom, please do not complete the online application, instead, contact (906) 482-3663 Ext. 4 to set up an appropriate application. This will avoid duplication of records and accurate processing.

To begin the application process, please complete the following as best you can. Our staff will contact you for the next step in the process, at which time we will review and verify the information that you have provided.

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Thank you for your interest in BHK programs. Your online application is not complete until you click the "Submit Application" at the bottom of this page. A BHK staff member will call, or email you for your next step in the application process soon.

Please utilize the "Drag files here" box below and select "Upload", to share any of the following information you may have available:

    ~Income Verification: Most recent W2's, 1040 tax return, and/or previous 12 months of pay stubs for all adults in home, or for both parents with dual custody, that are

      financially supporting the child applicant

    ~Birth Certificate (for child applicant)

    ~Immunization Record (for child applicant)

    ~Custody documents (If shared custody)

    ~Current IEP or IFSP (If applicable, for children with disabilities)

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