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Thank you for your interest in applying for the Broward County Public Schools 2019-2020 VPK Program.


The VPK application process involves the steps below:

STEP 1: Apply for the VPK Certificate of Eligibility via the State’s online application

STEP 2: Complete the Pre-Application below.

STEP 3: Click here to complete the parent consent forms/statements.

NOTE: Unlike the application process for Head Start, VPK does not require an in-person interview.

NOTE: Our new online Pre-Application will not allow you to move forward if your email address was already used to apply for either Head Start or VPK.

*Please visit our Website for more information. Head Start/Early Intervention Website

In this section list the primary adult (biological parent/legal guardian) of the applying child(ren).
Families applying for services must live in Broward County. Proof of residency in Broward County is required at the face-to-face interview.
Click here to find a provider in your area.
In this sectiononly list the second adult in the home if they are the biological parent/legal guardian to the applying child or married to the biological parent/legal guardian.
Please complete all areas. Number in Family means all persons living in the same household who are supported by the child’s parent/guardian and are related to the child’s parent/guardian by blood, marriage, or adoption; or are the child’s authorized caregiver or legally responsible party.
- Your Address - Available Locations
Click a location on the map to see more info
Click here to find a provider in your area.

Do you want to apply now for another child in your family?

Add Another Applicant

Are there other children in the family?

Add a Sibling
Thank you for completing the Pre-Application!

*VPK does not require an interview.

*Visit our website for more information. Head Start/Early Intervention Website
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