Thank you for applying for Early Childhood Education Services with People Incorporated. We offer Head Start services for 3 and 4-year-olds in Russell County, Washington County and the city of Bristol, VA. Head Start is available as a home based option in Russell County. We offer center based Early Head Start for Infants and Toddlers up to their third birthday in Dickenson County, Abingdon, and the city of Bristol, Virginia. Early Head Start is available in a home based option in Buchanan County, Dickenson County, Russell County, Washington County and the city of Bristol, Virginia. We can enroll prenatal moms in home based Early Head Start, if you are pregnant and wish to apply for Early Head Start prenatal services please call 276-619-2213. Our Dickenson County center also offers affordable childcare through full-day infant-toddler and preschool classrooms, before and after school childcare and full-day summer care for children 3 -12 years old. Please answer each question. If you experience difficulty in completing the application please call 276-619-2252 or 276-619-2213.
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