Thank you for your interest in our programs! This application is the first step in our enrollment process. Downeast Community Partners offers Pre-K and child care services for children ages birth to five in Hancock and Washington counties with funding from Head Start, Early Head Start, foundation grants, and partnerships with public schools. If you need assistance in completing this process, please call our Enrollment office at (207) 610-5187 - we are happy to help! If one of your children has attended our programs in the past, please call us at 207-610-5187 and we will complete the application on the phone! We want to know as much about you and your child as we can so that we can be ready to welcome and support your child and family. Our Head Start and Early Head Start services have income eligibility criteria; in addition, our selection criteria for these services takes into consideration family circumstances or stressors that may indicate a higher need for services. Examples are: serious illness/disability, death in the family, incarceration of a family member, teen parent, single child household, military deployment, domestic violence, and/or substance misuse. Please include any information that will help us understand your family. You will also be able to talk to our enrollment specialist when they call - please ask any questions and share information regarding your child and family that you feel is important for us to know.
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