WELCOME TO THE ASCENSION EARLY CHILDHOOD COMMUNITY NETWORK APPLICATION SITE ! Thank you for you interest in our Ascension Early Childhood Early Childhood Network. In order for your application to be complete you must submit all required documents including your child's birth certificate, official immunization records, proof of residence (gas or electric bill showing your service address) and proof of income for all members of your household. A complete list of all accepted income documents can be found on our website. Applications will not be considered until all documents are received.
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Please answer the questions in the section below about the other adult/parent. The question "Lives with Family" means this person lives in the household with the child and the primary adult.

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Use your income documents to determine your gross annual income, before taxes or other deductions. Be sure to include income from all adults that live with you and contribute to the total household income. If you are living with someone else, and they are not financially supporting you, you do not need to include them or their income on your application.
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Thank you for your application. Please ensure you have submitted all required documents. Documents may be uploaded to your application or dropped off at our office located at 521 N. Burnside Avenue, Gonzales, LA 70737 or to the school board office located at 1100 Webster Street, Donaldsonville, LA 70734.
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