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Tlingit & Haida Head Start is a free federal program for preschool children from low-income families. The program respectfully nurtures families and their children to grow, participate in life with confidence and awareness, and use their strengths to reach their full potential. Though we prioritize families based on categorically eligible markers, we do accept all families, regardless of race, gender, income, etc.; So we encourage you to start the application process. Please note, that we open the application process on January 1st of each year for the coming school year that starts each September; we also keep the application process open for the duration of the current school year.

Please note that the program has a two-step process:

First Phase, is the application process, and simply submitting does not mean the child is accepted into the program. This means that the child has started the application process that will end in being placed on a list. We need at minimum to be placed on this list:

-Full and complete application-Income Verification

-Current Immunizations

-Current TB Assessment

-Age can be verified off official documents such as Immunizations sheets, we do not require a birth-certificate, but will accept.

After these items are verified and checked, the child will be placed on a priority list to start the enrollment process.

Second Phase, is the Enrollment Process. This phase begins when an ERSEA Committee comes together to select children from the priority listing. The selection process does not include any identifying information, but is based on points awarded during the application phase. This is the ensure that there is no bias and the process is as fair as possible. Though we do not have a process as of yet to award families for early completion of the application phase; historically families that have completed the process had a greater chance of getting into the program.

After the ERSEA Committee makes their selection, Head Start will reach out the families to start the interview portion of the enrollment process. This process can take up to 30-minutes and is mandatory, and can be completed by phone or face-to-face. Once this is completed, families are forwarded to their future teaching staff, and they will help the family complete the final enrollment packet. The teaching staff will inform families when their child's first day of service will be, or otherwise known as the first day of class.

Please note, we will never ask for a social security number, but we do use birth dates for all members of the family. This is not only a granting requirement, but this helps ensure that we keep data integrity on our database. Without this information, we can accept your application, but it will not move past this initial process. If you have concerns our questions about how your information is used or security measures, please feel free to contact us directly.
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Complete and thorough information greatly lends to the application process and selection. For the question, Number in Household, please include child, other children, and all adults in your total. For the question, Gross Annual Income, please include all form of income for all adults in the home.
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