Please complete the following application to apply for Head Start and/or Early Head Start services at CDS Lakeshore Head Start. If you have questions or would like to complete an application in person, please contact us at (616) 786-0736 or email us at Do not apply again if you have a child that you have previously applied for or had a child in the past attended any of our programs. Email Jannett Henderson at to update your application. Also, submit 12 months' worth of income verification (W-2s or tax returns) for all parents in the household or documentation of S.N.A.P. (food stamps) benefits, homelessness, or Foster Care to to complete the application process.
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Thank you for your interest in CDS Lakeshore Head Start. To process your child's application, 12 month of income (W-2 or tax returns) or documentation of S.N.A.P (food stamps), homelessness, or Foster Care must be submitted. Your child's application will reviewed in a timely manner upon receipt of income.
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